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Every child who visits Premier Pediatrics is treated just like family. Our team in Alexandria, Louisiana offers comprehensive care, comfort, and reassurance to every patient, because we want to make sure every experience they have here is a positive one!

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To ensure every child is able to receive the personal care they need, we schedule all patients by appointment. You will receive a reminder phone call prior to your appointment. Please arrive on time to your appointment, and if you need to cancel your appointment, please give 24-hours notice so that we may schedule other patients who need to be seen. If you are more than 15 minutes late to your appointment, we may have to reschedule.

If your child needs to be seen immediately and you are not able to reach the office for an appointment, you may visit the office for an acute problem, and a nurse will examine your child to determine if they need to be seen right away. However, if it is not an emergency, there may be a wait time as we will need to see your child after our scheduled appointments.




Emergencies will be given priority attention at all times. If the emergency occurs after hours, to reach the on-call physician, please call 318-484-3158.



If you have a new baby, call the office the day after your hospital discharge to schedule an appointment so that we can begin the proper well-child visit and immunization schedule.



Our practice participates in most insurance plans. We offer billing and referral assistance.

Provider Availability


Each provider will care for their own patients in the case of well-child visits and most sick visits. However, if there is an emergency or your doctor is not in the office, one of our other pediatricians or nurse practitioners may see your child. If it is an urgent visit, an available provider or the on-call physician will see your child.

Routine Questions

If you have a routine question about our child’s health, our nursing staff is available on weekdays. The best time to reach a nurse is between 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM. If your child is sick and you would like them to be seen that day, you should call us as early in the day as you can. Sometimes a nurse may be helping return the physician’s phone calls.

What to Bring to Your Appointment


  • Driver’s License or Photo I.D.
  • Valid insurance card
  • Co-payment, if applicable

Patient Forms


Please download, print and fill out the following forms and bring them with you to your child’s first appointment.

Our Office


In an effort to keep our patients as healthy as possible, our office is set up with separate sick and well waiting rooms. The “sick” room is on the left of the fish aquarium, while the “well” waiting room is on the right. Both have televisions, books and magazines for reading, and play areas.

Pharmacy Refills


To expedite refills (excluding controlled substances), please call your pharmacy. Call our office at 318-767-1543 to request refills on controlled substances.

Phone Calls


We offer non-billed phone calls to the clinic nurse during office hours for questions and guidance. Calls with the physician or nurse practitioner that replace an in-office appointment are billed. These calls may discuss complex patient management or prescriptions. Coverage for these phone calls differs depending on your insurance company. Phone calls with physicians/nurse practitioners discussing recent office visits are not billed. Providers will return phone calls between scheduled visits and at the end of the day.

Phone Calls

We have a physician on-call 24/7, and we also use a telephone triage service for our after-hours calls. We provide the nurses our protocols for handling calls. If they have a concern or question, they contact the physician for guidance. Though the charges for these calls increases every year, we absorb this cost so that it can remain a no-charge service for our patients. However, we ask that you only call our after-hours service with true emergencies, so we can keep this a no-charge service. Please make basic medical questions and pharmacy calls during our normal hours.

For any questions about our office, or to schedule an appointment, please contact us today at 318-767-1543 and a member of our team will be happy to help!

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Our services include lactation consulting, well-child exams and immunizations, an on-site laboratory, treatment and education for ADHD, asthma, and allergies, and so much more. With flexible office hours and same-day appointments, we do what we can to keep patients out of the emergency room and urgent-care facilities. When your child is here, we strive to offer them comfort and reassurance, as we would our children. We are proud to help our patients become healthy, happy, strong adults!

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